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IN PHOTOS: Tasting 'disruption' at the Certus Accelerate event

By Ashton Young, Thu 30 Jun 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Certus, the leading IBM systems integrator across Australia and New Zealand, recently held a very unique event in Auckland.

Titled 'Accelerate', the event enabled the audience to quite literally 'taste' technological disruption with a multi-course menu, all designed by IBM's Chef Watson. The innovation was created from Watson's cognitive computing platform, which has the ability to observe, evaluate, interpret and learn information through human interaction.

Celebrity chef, Simon Gault illustrated Chef Watson's capabilities with stunning food pairings prepared by him and his cooking staff. Dishes included an invigorating turmeric & lime cayenne shot and sous vide chicken breast with a tequila marmalade sauce, creamy Mexican kumara & wilted leeks - all combinations thought of by Chef Watson.

"There are things Chef Watson comes up with that really push the boundaries - things I hadn't ever thought of before," says Gault.

Following the demonstration of Chef Watson, Certus used a number of speakers from a range of different companies to present powerful data-driven insights, engagements and customer experiences and how the world is completely hanging. It was a very successful day with three streams designed to help specific areas of business - business executives, asset intensive industries or customer-focused analytics and design.

Have a look at some of the photos from the very successful Certus event below.

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