25 Mar 2013
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Profiting from Product End-of-Life

Every product has the potential to generate further revenue after the initial sale – through annuity streams, warranty and licence expirations, and upgrade or up-sell opportunities when the product goes end-of-life.

These opportunities also offer the reseller the ability to build stickier customer relationships by making them the trusted advisor that manages the end-user’s assets from cradle to grave and by wrapping their own services around the initial product sale and install plus future upgrades or swap outs.

However the challenge is how to control your renewals business and manage product lifecycles in a way that is both profitable and efficient.

Distribution Central addresses this challenge through its Annuity Systems service.

Annuity Systems, powered by iasset.com, is a unique Software-as-a-Service platform that gives DC’s partners complete control of their renewals business and any asset they have sold to an end user through DC. It makes Product Lifecycle Management both easy and profitable.

“We want to ensure our partners stay on top of their game and give them a reason to go back to their customers time and time again, and cradle to grave product lifecycle management gives them that opportunity,” said Nick Verykios, Managing Director, Distribution Central.

Annuity Systems offers a range of features, functionalities and services:

• Maintain a live, accurate history of every product you’ve sold with a complete audit trail from order to delivery.

• The renewal and product lifecycle management system automatically generates licence renewal quotes 90, 60 and 30 days before licences expire.

• A complete asset management system that includes integration with Google maps to track asset location.

• Manage warranty conversions and subscriptions to alert you to new sales opportunities.

• Completely customisable so you can track and manage the information you want, the way you want it.

• Delivered via a secure gateway only accessible from a registered IP address.

• Provides business intelligence that will allow you to better service your customers and grow your business.

• Highly skilled and dedicated renewal specialists who can assist you in developing your annuity business.

If you’re a DC partner, simply register online to set up a login to see the assets you’ve sold through DC, where they are installed, upcoming renewals, and the end-of-life campaigns you can run to generate further revenue.

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