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Prophecy International & SOFTEL Communications announce strategic AI alliance
Wed, 7th Feb 2024

Leading global software solutions company, Prophecy International, has announced a strategic partnership with managed services artificial intelligence (AI) provider SOFTEL Communications. This alliance brings together advanced analytics from emite, a Prophecy International subsidiary, with SOFTEL's AI capabilities to transform customer experiences (CX) across various critical sectors. The partnership aims to augment market opportunities in North America.

SOFTEL will incorporate solutions from emite, a renowned leader in cloud contact centre analytics, thereby empowering organisations to extract more value from their data in real time. This will prompt faster client services, diminish average call times, and enhance the overall CX for clients in the education, healthcare, retail, government, and finance sectors.

Emite's collaboration with SOFTEL will merge its cutting-edge analytics with SOFTEL’s robust AI and cloud solutions, leading to unparalleled CX. This will enable companies to optimise their contact centre's performance by collating data from various sources into one location, thus providing AI-driven data and data analytics in real time. The alliance sets out to cater to the escalating demand for comprehensive, integrated CX solutions in a progressively digital and customer-centric market.

In addition to this, SOFTEL's extensive network and significant ties to major North American telecommunications leaders will offer new opportunities for joint business ventures. These connections prove vital in unveiling and establishing new markets, which will further augment the reach and influence of the partnership.

Jason Snyder, channel manager, Americas, Prophecy International, shared his take on the collaboration. “Both emite and SOFTEL are committed to driving innovation and excellence in the CX domain. This partnership signifies a crucial milestone in emite’s pursuit to redefine CX, marrying emite’s advanced analytics and integration capabilities with SOFTEL’s expertise in AI and managed services. This union will offer unmatched value for clients and their customers. It’s a potent combination that meshes perfectly with emite’s vision to pioneer and lead in the CX space," remarked Snyder.

Michael Leibowitz, chief operating officer, SOFTEL Communications, stated, “The amalgamation of emite’s superior data and analytics solutions with SOFTEL’s robust AI, CCaaS, and UCaaS unique tools and capabilities is set to raise the bar in the industry. SOFTEL seeks to offer holistic, integrated solutions that meet the dynamic needs of clients' contact centres. This collaboration represents a mutual commitment to excellence and a future where clients can fully utilise AI and data analytics to significantly enhance CX and, hence, compete effectively in a customer-centric landscape. SOFTEL is excited about what it can accomplish alongside emite and looks forward to a future filled with innovation and success.”