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Sun, 1st Jun 2008
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Eight Auckland-based Datacom employees challenged the computer nerd stereotype in April when they participated in Oxfam's Trailwalker event in Taupo.  The 100km ultra-endurance challenge organised by Oxfam New Zealand to overcome poverty and injustice required these eight tough nuts to walk for close to 31 hours in an effort to raise funds to support Oxfam's humanitarian and development work. Divided into two four-person teams known as the ‘Datacom Striders' and the ‘Datacom Tortoises', Gaston Milsom, Mehdi Ebrahim, Tanya Chappell, Tony Walton, Bryon Chan, Mark Prins, Mark Bercich, and Kirsten Gustafsson outpaced many of the 252 participating teams when they crossed the finish line after 30 hours and 56 minutes. “We wanted to prove that IT workers aren't the unfit desk-jockeys the world believes them to be,” said Gaston.  “I am really proud that we all managed to finish – particularly for those who really got sore and just kept on going. It was a fantastic achievement.” More importantly, the IT wizards have raised more than $4000, and they're hoping to push that figure even higher. Fundraising will continue through 15 June. To make a donation please go to, look up the ‘Datacom Striders' or ‘Datacom Tortoises' team pages and click ‘Donate Now'.