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Samsung strengthens NZ presence

21 Jan 2013

Samsung has strengthened its position across New Zealand, with staff now reaching 170 from ten three years ago.

Tasked with growing the company's presence in the business-to-business market is enterprise director Verdon, Kelliher, who joined Samsung late last year.

“We’ve grown so fast we’re having an induction of new people every Monday,” he told Computer World.

“At the moment it (business-to-business) makes about one percent of their sales and they want to make it their leading contribution to revenue over the next four years.

“In 30 countries they’ve put in people like me to build up a business-to-business market.

"My brief was to come on like a start-up, which is sort of what Simpl was, and build up an enterprise business much like I used to run at IBM and go and get the best of the best with account managers and partners and set up the business.”

Before joining Samsung, Kelliher was CEO of IT firm Simpl, holding the position for a year before his move.

“The Simpl role was a transformational role, they brought me on there to steady the ship and to expand the sales capability and also the customer base.”