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SnapperNet & First Software reel in 'unique' ERP suite for resellers
Mon, 22nd Aug 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

SnapperNet has publicly praised its partnership with First Software, which has helped the company use a brand new ERP suite for product distribution to resellers and integrators throughout the country.

Three months ago Snappernet started working with First Software to replace the existing ERP software, which controlled the company's distribution, finances and their standalone eCommerce website for resellers.

The company discovered First Software's ERP suite, specially designed for retailers and distributors. Richard Paul, SnapperNet managing director, says the system was able to provide POS, distribution, procurement and financials, all through the cloud.

The company says customers will also benefit from the change, with a faster turnaround of orders and visible transaction data through a secure B2B portal.

The system, which went live on August 1, processed more than 80 orders in the first day of use. Alex Petraska, general manager of First Software, believes the commitment between both companies is what made the entire replacement project work in such a short time period.

First Software has spent the last 30 years in the software development industry, with the last seven years concentrating on development of its N2 ERP application for retailers and distributors.

The company believes that the uniqueness of its application comes from its content management system, which controls eCommerce websites. The CMS is built into the system, removing the need for third party CMS integration.

First Software aims to maintain 'one version of the truth', with all inventory being controlled from a single database.

The company has also provided resellers the opportunity to integrate with TradeMe stores, providing automatic listing. Some companies using the integration have more than 10,000 items listed.

SnapperNet and First Software's partnership has been so successful that the companies are now exploring more opportunities to work together and improve efficiencies.