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Sonicwall discontinues relationship with Renaissance

05 Aug 11

One of the worst-kept secrets in the IT industry has been confirmed, with security vendor Sonicwall discontinuing its relationship with local distributor Renaissance.

According to sources, Sonicwall’s newly appointed ANZ country manager, Sandeep Joshi, struggled to find a Renaissance representative willing to meet with him, with the company’s new distribution general manager, Warwick Grey, out of the country at present.

The news will not come as a surprise to many, as Connector Systems sells the majority of Sonicwall’s local supply, and Renaissance has been concentrating on its Palo Alto security brand of late.

In March, Connector Systems hired Rhys Taylor to manage its Sonicwall products, as well as the Motorola and Brocade brands. Taylor had previously worked with Sonicwall at Renaissance, and was one of a number of staff members who moved from Renaissance to Connector Systems.

Five months earlier, Connector Systems started stocking Sonicwall products, not long after the vendor told TechDay that it was happy with its current distribution arrangements (read the story here).