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Sony unveils new wearables and announces new partnerships at CES 2015

Sony has introduced new products, partners and experiences to its evolving SmartWear range at the CES 2015 conference. 

“Our approach to smart, wearable technology is based on the fundamentals of building depth and variety in user experiences, and providing choice with beautiful, functional products,” says Peter McKeon, managing director, Sony Mobile Communications Oceania.

“The expansion of Lifelog - both in terms of its open API and our vision for new wearable concepts - will allow creative partners to integrate their apps and services to our platform - giving our users access to the richest, most varied wearable ecosystem.”

At last year’s CES event, Sony first showcased SmartBand SWR10 – a 24/7 wearable device. Over the past year, Sony Mobile has worked with creatives and brands from across the lifestyle, fashion, and design spectrum to explore custom apparel, establishing collections for Sony SmartWear from the likes of Jack Vartanian, ALTEWAISOME, and Ted Baker.

After launching in partnership with Google, SmartWatch 3 is Sony’s latest generation “SmartWatch”. Sony unveiled the new stainless steel edition of SmartWatch 3, rolling out globally from next month.

The SmartWatch 3 features a 1.6” 320×320 TFT LCD Transflective display for visibility in bright sunlight, and charges via a standard microUSB port.

To further broaden the range of wearing styles available, Sony also unveiled a new SmartWatch 3 holder, allowing users and partners alike to customise SmartWatch 3 with any standard 24mm watch strap; available from the early part of 2015.

“Even without your Android smartphone, SmartWatch 3 is a fun and useful accessory with impressive standalone functionality - featuring native music playback, intelligent sensor technology and a unique inbuilt GPS sensor,” the company says in a statement.

Golfshot and iFit are two developers already creating Android Wear experiences with SmartWatch 3's standalone capability, for both performance on the course and track respectively – from January, every SmartWatch 3 user will have exclusive access to the premium Golfshot and iFit apps out of the box.

Sony also announced a new collaboration with Virgin Atlantic to explore SmartWear initiatives together, to develop unique solutions using Sony’s SmartWear products to support operational activities and enhance the customer service experience for Virgin Atlantic customers. Sony says more news will follow over the coming months.

Downloadable from the Google Play Store, Lifelog is the popular Android app built to help make smarter choices about health and entertainment. The new web interface uses open API functionality and the latest HTML5 technologies, for a more visual experience. The site will work with any screen size, from smartphones to tablets to TV.  “The new feature reflects Sony's strategy to regularly bring new functionality and features to Lifelog, to keep the experiences as current as they possibly can be,” the company says.

Sony is teaming up with a variety of lifestyle and health apps,to complement SmartWear and Lifelog experiences, including IFTTT, Habit Monster, Withings Smart Body Analyzer and its other connected health devices.,“Lifelog is inspiration through insight, and our first partners are helping us bring this to life in new ways” says McKeon.

“We specifically designed the Lifelog platform on open principles, with capability that will help developers to build new experiences and access the Sony ecosystem like never before – it’s going to be an exciting year ahead.”

Off the back of launching the software development kit, Sony is sharing new applications for current prototype, SmartEyeglass Developer Edition, along with a new conceptual style, SmartEyeglass Attach! – a single lens display module for attaching to regular glasses, allowing developers to create applications for sport and performance.

Sony’s Smart B-Trainer prototype was also introduced – a waterproof all-in-one headset style device with multi-sensor capability specifically designed for runners. The current prototype features inbuilt memory and will provide voice coaching, as well as music playback.