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Splunk outranks other vendors for cloud observability
Wed, 10th Mar 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Splunk has been named a Leader and the only Outperformer in the GigaOm Radar for Cloud Observability, 2021.

In its first year, the new report from industry research firm GigaOm evaluated observability vendors and products, ranking Splunk's observability solutions as a top leader.

According to GigaOm, Splunk earned its ranking on the list for its “massive scalability, sophisticated in-stream analytics and native OpenTelemetry support".

GigaOm also noted Splunk's ability to ingest full-fidelity data from logs, metrics and traces across the full stack environment as a key strength and differentiator.

Splunk's acquisitions of SignalFx and Omnition in 2019 and Plumbr and Rigor in 2020 helped expand its comprehensive observability portfolio, combining monitoring, synthetic monitoring, troubleshooting and incident-response into a single platform that boosts application modernisation initiatives.

For the report, GigaOm analysed Splunk's observability solutions including Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring, Splunk APM, Splunk Real User Monitoring (RUM), Splunk Log Observer, Splunk On-Call and The Splunk Observability Suite Mobile.

GiaOm senior analyst Andy Thurai says, “Observability and AIOps exist to meet a clear and present need, driven by the migration of applications and services to the cloud, and rendered even more important by the consequences of COVID-19, driving digital transformation whilst generating new challenges for IT infrastructure and operations teams.

“Technologies such as those provided by Splunk respond directly to this need, increasing visibility across complex IT environments, enabling operations to do their jobs, and maximise responsiveness to future changes.

"Splunk, with its multiple recent acquisitions to bolster the Observability stack, is an outperformer in this space as seen in the GigaOm Observability radar report.

Ultimately, Splunk is focused on turning data into doing with the Data-to-Everything Platform, also helping companies to investigate, monitor, and analyse and act on data at any scale.

More specifically, Splunk's data-driven observability solutions are designed to help customers gain a comprehensive view across all of their data and systems so that teams can operate effectively and efficiently.

Splunk recently announced the Splunk Observability Suite, bringing Splunk's observability products together into a single, consistent platform so customers can tackle increasing monitoring challenges.

Splunk VP product management, observability and IT operations, Spiros Xanthos, says, “In today's complex hybrid and multicloud world, instrumenting the right tools to provide effective observability is critical for IT and DevOps teams that need to focus on continuous integration, and continuous deployment.

“Splunk's ranking on GigaOm's list is a testament to our continued dedication to creating the industry's most comprehensive and powerful combination of observability solutions with our customers' needs and the evolving DevOps lifecycle at the forefront.