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Strong. Fast. Simple. The new Endpoint Security Suites by McAfee - Available from Express Data

15 Jul 2013

In today’s world of advanced malware, zero-day attacks, and stealthy threats, an antivirus-only approach to endpoint security is simply not enough.

If organisations want to protect themselves from the costs, risks, and brand damage these threats can cause, they need to consider a more comprehensive, unified, and evolved approach to endpoint security. McAfee can help.

New McAfee endpoint security suites guard users and devices with layers of mobile, data, web, and email protection.

Then high-speed scanning, application protection, and hardware assisted security wraps users in reliable protection against modern attacks.

Simplicity starts with an easy install—as few as 4 clicks and you’re protected.

And unified, real-time management makes best-in class security easy and efficient for every administrator—not just security experts.

The new line up of McAfee endpoint security suites is available now from Express Data.

The team at Express Data can assist you in learning more about what McAfee has to offer and how you can position and promote their solutions to your customers.

Contact the Express Data McAfee team here,, or read more about the current desktop security challenges faced by business by downloading the white paper - The Evolving Landscape of Desktop Security.

Why McAfee’s endpoint security suites are different to the rest:

• Improved Integration and Visibility:

With complete integration across all defensive tiers, Complete Endpoint Protection provides visibility into network and endpoint threats to identify targeted attacks as they emerge and leverages McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) to thwart advanced malware.

• Reduced Costs and Risks:

The Complete Endpoint Protection centralises management across all security layers, uniting management, policy, and data analysis activities in one place, helping organisations limit security management overhead while accelerating response to malicious threats.

• Advanced Protection Technologies:

Unlike competitive endpoint solutions on the market, the McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection suites include next-generation security technologies, such as file-level encryption, mobile security, and hardware-enhanced protection, that help organisations defend against the newest and stealthiest threats.

• Industry-leading Technology:

McAfee is a leader in Gartner’s 2013 Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms, Mobile Data Protection (encryption) and NSS Labs ranked McAfee number one in key endpoint protection categories, including exploit protection, evasion protection, and day-zero rootkit protection.