05 Jul 2012
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Telecom chooses EMC for data storage expansion

By Angelique Jurd

In a substantial investment to expand data centre capacity, telecommunications and IT service provider Telecom NZ has selected a storage array solution from EMC.

The move will provide storage across Telecom’s business units including Gen-i with a  capacity of up to 2.5 petabytes  via Symmetrix VMAX (Virtual Matrix) - a platform capable of expansion to cater for future capacity requirements.

According to Phill Patton, EMC country manager telecommunications and cloud IT,  service providers have some of the highest demands for storage capacity and system reliability.

“Information storage and data management fundamentally underpin the operations of these organisations. The choice of an EMC solution is confirmation of the critical role played by storage in the provision of services.”

“Telecom's requirements for storage continue to grow significantly from both organic volume increases and the continually developing information needs of the business. This growth, occurring in both structured and unstructured data, is predicted to accelerate,”  James Allison, GM for Shared Technology Operations at Telecom says.

“The criticality of timely and reliable information imposes greater demands on the availability and performance of our very large data storage environment, to enable business processes and decision making.

“Furthermore, as a provider of cloud computing solutions, Gen-i relies on robust storage resources as an integral component to support its ReadyCloud suite of cloud services. Scalability, ease of migration from legacy infrastructure to new platforms, rigorous cost management and reliability is of paramount importance to us and EMC’s offering has provided that in spades.”

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