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There's money and numbers in leasing

Tue 1 Mar 2011
FYI, this story is more than a year old

A recent independent study, commissioned by leading NZ ICT leasing firm Equico, revealed that a significant 42% of companies are currently leasing some or all of their ICT equipment, with a third of those not currently leasing wanting to do so in the near future. Three-quarters of all respondents said their budgets will increase or remain the same over the coming year, making leasing all the more attractive as an option.The C-level executives surveyed claimed that leasing IT equipment benefitted them most in three key ways:

  1. Easy to upgrade       (42%)
  2. Cashflow eased        (35%)
  3. Being economical     (31%)
"The constant change in the technology sector naturally lends ICT equipment to leasing rather than owning it. Leasing delivers substantial cost savings and capital can be invested elsewhere in the business,” says Paul Beattie, Equico’s Managing Director.Source:

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