12 Aug 2013
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Tribute to the passing of Ingram Micro's Priscilla King

There has been an outpouring of grief for Ingram Micro stalwart Priscilla King, who sadly passed away late last week following a long battle with illness.

A company veteran with over 15 years of service, tributes to Priscilla have flooded in from colleagues and friends within the industry.

Leading the tributes was Ingram Micro’s Managing Director, Gary Bigwood.

“Priscilla was an amazing woman, and we are devastated that she is gone," he said.

"She was a wonderful person, incredibly creative and always positive. She was strong, and always had a view on everything.

"Priscilla was our Marketing Services Manager for the last 15 years and her contribution to the shape of marketing in our industry cannot be underestimated.

"When she started, communications to the channel was largely by fax. Priscilla was at the forefront of innovation that delivered electronic marketing to our community and her input and influence in marketing across the wider vendor community has been profound.”

“Priscilla was also the ‘Matriarch’ of our annual Ingram Micro Showcase - NZ’s largest IT show. Showcase was her baby, and Priscilla loved the interaction with the vendor and reseller community that Showcase affords.

"We have lost a key contributor and a close friend and I have been inundated with correspondence across the industry from those who have worked with her over the years expressing their sorrow and sharing their fond memories of working with her. It’s a very sad time for all, and our hearts go out to her family.”

Exeed chairman Tony Butler described Priscilla “as one of those rare people who combine great creativity and artistic flair with sound management disciplines.”

“She was a joy to work with both for her joie de vivre and for her great ability to think of a better way of doing almost everything,” he told Techday.

“Many years ago, when research showed that Tech Pacific was getting an image as being ‘too focused on process and not focused enough on people’, she created the Tech Pacific Calendar both for our staff and for our customers.

“It featured photographs of our staffs’ children. She launched the 5th Calendar to our staff with a fantastic compilation of the photos set to music.

"I watched it late last week, for the first time in ten years, though a veil of tears: Priscilla King’s Tech Pacific Calendar.”

Adding to Butler’s praise, TTS national sales manager John Dunbar, who worked with Priscilla several years ago, said “she was a great person to work with, she had so much energy and nothing was ever too difficult.”

Dunbar said he never saw Priscilla stressed or snappy. “And she had a pretty big job,” he told Techday.

“There was a lot of marketing going on at Ingram Micro, but she was always happy and nothing was too much trouble. You’d go and load her up with extra work and she wouldn’t mind.”

Scott Cowen, Fortinet Northern Region New Zealand sales manager, employed Priscilla to run the marketing services team in 1998 at the then Tech Pacific and said he has ‘many fond memories’ of working with her.

“It was a pleasure and privilege to know such a creative and organised soul for the 10 years we worked closely together,” he recalled. “The laughs, the humour, the conversations. I will miss her dearly and the special relationship we had.”

Ingram Micro’s Melanie Wrann, General Manager of Volume added, “I worked with Priscilla for all of her 15 years at Tech Pacific and Ingram Micro in different capacities and we had a fantastic relationship.

"She had great insight, logic and flair and would always give you her perspective – whether you might agree or not. I loved this about her.

"Following a robust discussion we would always reach a common ground and we had many laughs along the way.

"Priscilla became a personal friend and we shared a lot. She was always there as a source of advice and someone to talk things over with. I will miss her friendship dearly.”

‘King of the Show’

In memory of Priscilla, who organised the Ingram Micro Showcase event, an award for the best stand has been created. Aptly named the ‘King of the Show’, Ingram Micro created the competition to honour her commitment to the event.

The name Priscilla King is synonymous with the Ingram Micro Showcase; this was her event.

Behind the scenes, Priscilla was the driving force behind the operation, ensuring a smooth national road-show for all concerned every year.

Unfortunately due to illness Priscilla was disappointed that she was unable to attend this year’s event, the first Showcase she missed during her Ingram Micro career. However, after the show finished this year, Bigwood was able to share the award with her.

“It put a smile on her face at a very difficult time, a memory that I will treasure," he said.

"We photographed every stand at the show and Priscilla had input into the selection of the inaugural winner, which will be revealed in coming days.”

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