05 Jun 2015
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Vend's retail software now optimised for iOS and iPad

By Catherine Knowles

Kiwi company Vend has announced its software has been designed and optimised for iOS and iPad, enabling more retailers in New Zealand and around the world to use the platform.

Vend specialises in cloud-based retail software, and its platform is currently used by 15,000 retailers around the world.

The company’s software helps retailers sell anywhere, create and launch an online store, manage inventory, reward customer loyalty, and analyse business performance - across multiple store locations.

Vend’s platform gives small-to-medium retailers a mobile-friendly cloud-based solution that includes features similar to enterprise POS offerings.

Vend says it's expanding its retail platform on iOS and iPad to take advantage of the operating system’s business features, such as security and productivity features of iOS 8, and leverage the ecosystem of business applications on iOS that SMB retailers already use to run their stores.

Vend’s retail platform already integrates with other apps such as Xero (accounting) and Deputy (employee scheduling), to deliver comprehensive cloud-based business solutions that enhance mobility via iOS devices.

During its Q2 2015 earnings call, Apple announced it’s working with a select group of business app developers to bring mobile solutions for business to iPad users.

According to Luca Maestri, Apple CFO, this focus is a result of growing interest from organisations looking to use iPads to transform how they do business.

As such, Vend is working with Apple to extend its investment in iOS and is focused on integrating its platform with a growing number of iOS apps for business and reaching even more iPad users.

“We’re excited to show a new audience of retailers how mobile can transform their business,” says Vaughan Rowsell, Vend founder and CEO.

“Built on iOS, Vend enables retailers to get out from behind the counter, be truly mobile, and deliver amazing customer experiences.

“iPad is increasingly becoming an essential business tool for retailers as sales associates grab an iPad and go mobile inside the store - wherever the customer is on the shop floor,” Rowsell.

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