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Voyager launches customer experience squad for flagship VoIP solution
Thu, 29th Apr 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Voyager Internet has announced an initiative to create significant improvements in the customer experience of their flagship business voice over internet protocol (VoIP) solution, Voyager Voice.

In reflection of the company's Agile structure and practices, Voyager has established a Customer Experience Squad for Voyager Voice. Comprising specialist, hand-selected staff across all departments, the Squad's sole mission is to create and maintain a smooth, seamless, pleasant experience for Voyager Voice customers.

The establishment of the Squad is a response to extensive customer research in which the company surveyed its business customers and wholesale and dealer partners. The focus of this research was on the customer onboarding experience for Voyager Voice.

“The feedback from our customer research showed us that we have struggled to make Voyager Voice a great customer experience,” says Voyager CEO Alf Wallis.

“This is simply unacceptable, especially as we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. It is our goal to make our customers' lives as easy as possible, which is why we have taken immediate action by forming this Squad.

To create a great Voyager Voice customer experience, Voyager started with improving internal communications. The Squad is a cross-functional group of people all deeply involved in Voyager Voice — from the first point of contact through to onboarding and ongoing use of the solution. This allows each department to communicate quickly and efficiently. It includes specialists from sales, service delivery, provisioning, credit services, billing, and the NOC.

Voyager has also created a new role for an onboarding specialist who will oversee the end-to-end customer journey for Voyager Voice to ensure a great experience. This specialist will be the customers' main point of contact for any questions or issues during onboarding.

“This year, we are completely focusing on our customer experience,” says Voyager chief commercial officer Deidre Steyn.

“The Voyager Voice Customer Experience Squad is our first step in improving our customers' overall experience. The Squad will ensure that we not only smooth out and fix the issues that are currently a problem, but also continue to implement improvements in future.”

The first focus for the Squad has been on streamlining Voyager Voice processes and responding quickly to urgent matters that arise. In the long term, the Squad will focus on improving customer interactions, behind the scenes operations, and system improvements.

“All of these things combined,” says Steyn, “will lead to a much better experience — internally for our team, but most importantly — for our customers.