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What's on your Express Data Bucket List?

20 May 2013

The round one winners in the Express Data Bucket List promotion all chose visiting New York as the item they’d like to tick off their list...

Soon they’ll be winging their way to the city that never sleeps for a whirlwind trip taking in all the sights and experiences this city has to offer!

Now’s your chance to tell Express Data what you’d like to tick off your Bucket List and they may just make it happen for you!

Round 2 of the Express Data Bucket List promotion is on now.

All you have to do is place an order with Express Data, and then register your Bucket List wish at

Whether it’s swimming with dolphins, deep sea diving, sky diving or driving a race car – Express Data might be making it come true!

Customers can enter as many times as they wish, provided each entry has a unique Purchase Order number for an order that has been placed with Express Data during the promotional period.

Entries for the second and final round of the promotion end on 30th June 2013.

What are your bucket list wishes? Get in contact with ED now to discuss further.

Terms and Conditions do apply, read them here