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Wireless N gains ground in NZ

01 Jun 2008

Competing networking vendors Netgear and D-Link have both launched new, high-performance wireless N routers to the New Zealand marketplace.  Products in both ranges are based on the latest draft 802.11n wireless networking technology, which offers faster speeds and better range than earlier 802.11g technology.“The N standard hasn’t been ratified yet,” said Netgear’s newly appointed NZ Country Manager, Phil Presnall.  “With wireless, Netgear has always looked at a good, better best scenario.  Wireless G was good for home users, then we saw G hybrid which provided a bit more range and performance, and most recently, pre-N, which was still running up to three or four months ago.”Ryan Parker, Netgear’s Managing Director ANZ, followed this statement by saying that the good, better, best strategy for Wireless G will transition to its N technology.  “It will mean better speeds, easier install and longer range,” he said.  Customers looking to harness the benefits of Wireless N technology will be spending almost double the price of Wireless G devices.  From a reseller and retailer perspective, understanding your customers’ performance requirements in relation to their budgets will be imperative in recommending the best technology, as both will be available for some time.“I don’t think we’ll see G disappear entirely until late 2009,” stated Parker.D-Link’s Wireless N router uses multiple external antenna to significantly outperform earlier 802.11g devices.  Conscious of design, and the fact that many consumers purchasing decisions are influenced by the look of a product, Netgear’s Wireless N routers have eight internal antenna, as well as blue LEDs on its dual-band product.  For customers not ready to make the full commitment, Netgear has developed an N upgrade kit, so users can get many of the benefits of N technology while utilising a legacy G network.