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Yealink targets “epicentre of the global VoIP market”… links billions of users

26 Aug 2014

Through directly targeting “the epicentre of the global VoIP market”, Yealink Network Technology CEO David Chen has his finger firmly on the Kiwi telecommunications pulse.

For the core principles of Yealink – determination, dedication and vision – resonate deeply with Chen, who heads the world-leading hosted and SIP trunking provider currently making waves in New Zealand.

In leading one of the world’s top manufacturers of innovative, high-quality and low-carbon IP phones to New Zealand through partnership with local distributor Connector Systems, Chen’s objectives are clear.

In Chinese, ‘Yealink’ means linking billions of people together and enabling them to fully maximise the benefit of telecommunications in business. It’s all in the name – quite literally.

“Our vision for Yealink has never changed,” explains Chen explains, who sees Yealink as a key player in the telecommunications space.

So much so that Chen has “full confidence” in today’s era of VoIP, and its role within New Zealand, which he likens to a harvesting season; very soon, providers will be enjoying the end of an exciting time of growth and maturation to see a welcomed payback.

And with Connector Systems at the helm, Yealink is in strong local hands with the Auckland-based company fast becoming the value-added distributor of choice across the industry.

Excelling on a global stage…

Striking the iron while it was hot, since founding the company 12 years ago, Chen’s Yealink quickly grew to become one of the today’s top five SIP phone providers, cementing a solid international presence as a result.

In fact, Chen says the only change that has taken him by surprise over the past decade is how quickly Yealink transformed into a major global player.

The force behind this escalation, says Chen, is the company’s consistent approach of prioritising innovation and promotion above profits.

“Innovation is vital for an IT company like Yealink,” Chen notes. “The ultimate goal of innovation is to be able to make sharp and accurate responses to market requests to achieve the best possible cost-effectiveness ratio.”

This is something that Yealink’s prized research and development (R&D) team also brings to the table.

Only time will tell what ground-breaking achievements have yet to be discovered in this space. Until then, Chen says buckle in and enjoy the wild ride.

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Yealink is distributed by Connector Systems across New Zealand - for more information contact: Mark Dasent, General Manager, Connector Systems on +64 9 580 2841 or