11 Feb 2016
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ALE drives OpenTouch into wider SMB and hotel market

By Heather Wright

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has enhanced its OpenTouch unified communications suite for SMBs, in a move the vendor says enables its resellers to better meet the communication needs of SMBs.

The changes include expanded mobility and BYOD solutions and streamlined ordering processes for OmniPCX Office RCE 10.2, which forms the core of the OpenTouch Suite for SMBs.

Damien Delard, ALE head of SMB business, says the new OpenTouch Suite for SMBs and its enhanced applications deliver advances in communications so SMBs can also gain business benefits from unified communications and mobility.

“Alcatel Lucent Enterprise business partners are better equipped to meet the needs of SMBs who seek simple to install, easy to use and maintain technology that evolves with their business,” Delard says.

The vendor has added the OpenTouch Conversation (OTCV) mobile application to the update, providing companies with access to the same communication and collaboration tools whethe ron the road or in the office.

Android smartphone users gain an additional feature to OTCV, with OpenTouch Contactless Call Shift, which uses near field communications to seamlessly transfer active calls between devices.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise says when combined with the Alcatel-Lucent Hospitality solution, the new release will enable partners to extend their reach in the hotel sector as well, with the offering opening the doors to two and three star hotels which are usually challenged by price and need to serve up to 200 users.

ALE says for it has also introduced another enhanced capability in the SMB Sales Assistant, which it says helps increase and optimise sales for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise business partners through simplifying the sales quote process, building solutions online or via a tablet while in person with the customer.

“The new ecommerce-looking tool synchs with the catalogue and ordering process making it easier for the business partner to interact and capture the needs of the customer,” ALE says.

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