21 Apr 2017
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Golf – and charity – to the fore as reseller channel shows Ladies Do Golf

By Heather Wright

The old cliché of it being only men heading out for a round of golf and a chance to network are being well and truly shattered by women in IT, with Ingram Micro’s Ladies Do Golf program proving a ‘resounding success’.

The initiative, which teed off last year, aims to encourage women in IT to take up the pursuit. Run over seven weeks last year at the North Shore Golf Club, it was sponsored by Philips, Brother, Samsung, HP and Toshiba and saw the women rapidly progressing from the first lesson on how to hold a club to more advanced techniques, before a mini Ambrose tournament.

The program has had charitable benefits too, with a team of rookie ladies stepping up to win at the this month's Ingram Micro Cure Kids Golf Tournament, which raised $59,000 for the charity.

Making their win even more impressive was that not one member of Team Philips – which included Karyn Gillespie, Bridget Bezencon and Melanie Wrann (pictured below with token male, Neil Ludlam) –  had ever played a full round before.

“Golf has proven an ideal opportunity to get to know many ladies in our industry with whom we have done business over the years, yet in some cases have never met or had the opportunity to socialise with,” says Melanie Wrann, Ingram Micro New Zealand volume general manager.

Bridget Bezencon, Aquire.co.nz consultant procurement manager, says Ladies Do Golf was a fantastic opportunity to learn from the pros.

“That’s meant going from the basic principles, to refining your game and most importantly building confidence along the way to get out on to the course and put the coaching into practice,” Bezencon says.

“I love ladies golf,” she says.

“Golf provides the perfect excuse to connect, get out of the office and bring any skills and have a go,” adds Wrann. “The feedback has been amazing and we are keen to continue with another round.”

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