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Ingram Micro website still not working

10 Mar 2010

Resellers have told The Channel that there are still some serious issues with Ingram Micro’s new website that need to be addressed as soon as possible.

After launch day performance issues earlier this month, Ingram Micro MD Gary Bigwood sent out a message to resellers saying that the website had gained stability and seen a marked improvement.

The Channel understands that many resellers are still experiencing serious issues with the site that are impacting their businesses. One reseller commented on our previous story saying, “Considering the number of problems with the website we need to query who or what they used as ‘pilot testers’.”

The main issues with the website aren’t to do with speed, but rather how it’s integrated with resellers’ own systems. “It’s not really working at all,” one reseller explained. “We get daily price feeds, back order reports, invoices… Our entire system is integrated with theirs and it’s the integration which is the major problem.”

Resellers are also reporting that products are coming through with no pricing information on and shortened names are making it hard to identify specific models. “The functionality of the new website is not as good as the old one. The website is almost like a retail facing website as opposed to a business-to-business website, which is what they had before. It’s got lots of images and things that are probably fine for some customers but for us we want functionality.”

The problem has also caused a few slips in company information, with one reseller telling how they were able to view another firm’s statement. “It makes me worry that someone could have potentially seen ours,” we were told.

The Channel has contacted Ingram Micro for an update.