15 Feb 2011
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Resellers frustrated with Ingram's AU website

According to a report across the pond, resellers are having some serious issues with Ingram Micro’s newly launched website.

If that sounds familiar, then you were probably reading The Channel this time last year, when several resellers reported problems following a re-launch.

The criticism forced Managing Director Gary Bigwood to issue more than once statement on the matter.

At the end of January in Australia, Ingram Micro swapped out the Adonis system for one by SAP.

One reseller told ARN that he is still having issues with deliveries, obtaining paper work and a list of backorders.

“They’re stuffing me around and they’re killing my business,” the reseller said. “I don’t think they understand the effect this is having on my business and customers.”

Nexus Purchasing Manager, Peter Lu, went on record about the issues.

“The timing was bad – last week we had the public holiday, and put the order in the day before. Then they started the changeover, and as a result the order wasn’t processed for quite a while,” Lu said. “Another big thing for us was a lot of the licenses they had – there was a lot of information on the website. Because you can’t purchase licenses online any more, the important information that was on there, isn’t there any more.”

Any resellers in New Zealand willing to update us on the current performance of Ingram Micro’s New Zealand website?

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