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Secure Code Warrior makes significant additions to global partner programme

By Catherine Knowles, Tue 29 Jun 2021

Secure Code Warrior has made several enhancements to its global partner program, as well as adding direct integration into its global DevSecOps ecosystem.

Designed to take advantage of the global demand for security-skilled developers, the Warrior Partner Program is intended to deliver increased recurring value to customers and partners across the world and will be an additional factor in the company’s projected growth, the company states.

Secure Code Warrior CEO and co-founder Pieter Danhieux says, “The Warrior Partner Program is a platform to maximise the potential of developer-centric security.

"By enabling partners to offer or integrate Secure Code Warrior as a core component of their DevSecOps or AppSec solution offerings, we can jointly reach more of the world’s 25 million developers as they increase their software security skills.”

The new structure of the Warrior Partner Program supports two primary groups: Warrior Engage and Warrior Connect.

Specifically designed for global or regional DevSec and AppSec services and solution providers, Warrior Engage is for organisations who are looking to extend their portfolios with additional revenue streams related to Secure Code Warrior’s flagship Learning Platform.

This revised channel program upgrades the overall framework by introducing ‘Elite’ and ‘Champion’ levels, increases investment in partner relationships on a global scale through dedicated Partner Managers, and is designed to help partners reach new levels of success with enablement and support to get to market quickly.

Warrior Engage partners include RSA, GuidePoint Security, Saltworks, Outpost24, Carahsoft and Ampion.

Ampion head of application security Peter Freiberg says, “Secure Code Warrior has built an innovative and unique approach to deliver effective secure code training to developers.

"The Ampion AppSec Practice has had some great success working with Secure Code Warrior for developer education, as we help customers build and mature developer-centric application security programs within their organisations.”

Outpost24 product manager application security Simon Roe says, “Our partnership with Secure Code Warrior is a game-changer and complements our DevSecOps solutions to help our customers shift left and improve application security testing.

“The recent integration between Outpost24’s Dynamic Application Security Testing tool and Secure Code Warrior further enables security teams and DevOps to better understand how to address security findings and ensure a fully secure SDLC.”

RSA senior director David Gaik says, “Enabling a security mindset within organisations is a critical element to help manage the increasing digital risk RSA's customers face.

"Being a customer and resell partner with Secure Code Warrior we see how vocal and passionate RSA and its customers' developers have been when introduced to Secure Code Warrior’s innovative and engaging platform.”

With Warrior Connect, vendors within the developer platform, tooling, or broader ecosystem can enhance their applications with the new Secure Code Warrior API.

The API surfaces hyper-contextual, language and framework-specific microlearning opportunities to help save developer’s time and increase efficiency.

Warrior Connect partners include Micro Focus Fortify, Bugcrowd, GitHub, Snyk, Meterian, Puma Security, Contrast Security and more recently Code Dx.

Danhieux concludes, “Our vision is to inspire a global community of developers who deliver secure coding that is intrinsic to their daily process.

“Upskilling developers to code securely at the creation stage means secure code is written at speed, and that the resulting quality software is shipped with confidence. Our partners are a critical part of enabling and amplifying that vision.”

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