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Synnex adds Rapoo to portfolio

Synnex New Zealand has added wireless peripheral technology specialist Rapoo to its vendor line-up as the distributor looks to round out its ecosystem.

The distributor will handle Rapoo's full range of products, which includes wireless mice and keyboards, bluetooth headsets and audio, and gaming peripherals.

Richard Harri, Synnex New Zealand country manager, says the addition of Rapoo to Synnex's portfolio is 'about us being able to provide all the parts our [reseller] partners need'.

Harri says many system builders and independent shops are increasingly feeling margin squeeze and turning to selling of higher margin accessories to supplement their traditional revenue streams.

“Rapoo is high quality and has attractive margins, and we'll be able to put them in the box at the same time as we send them the hard drives and other components, so it's very easy from a freight perspective.”

Harri says the Rapoo distribution is also expected to be a winner for the national retail side of Synnex's business.

“We're got Microsoft hardware and Rapoo is another offering that can help the reseller.”

He says customers are increasingly seeking out different products.

“Focusing on feeds and speeds was the norm, but people are turning away from that, partly because of Apple, but also because they're thinking about what an item says about them.”

It is, he says, essentially a case of 'technology jewellery', where technology is now a way of making a statement about who you are and where you see yourself.

Harri says he expects the market for bluetooth offerings such as portable speakers, to 'go gangbusters this side of Christmas'.

He says a resurgence in mechanical keyboards, which provide tactile feedback, is also being seen, and notes that one keyboard offering from Rapoo features induction charging and a large touchpad 'ideal' for gesture control in Windows 8.

“Theya re an innovative company bringing new products and designs to market,” Harri says.

“People talk about building a better mousetrap, well Rapoo is building a better mouse,” he quips.

The distribution deal is not exclusive.