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Exeed finalises M2M NetComm Wireless partner deal

26 Nov 2013

NetComm Wireless Limited has today announced a strategic partner agreement with Exeed Limited, signing a Machine-to-Machine (M2M) deal across New Zealand.

Terms of the agreement will see the delivery of wireless Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and business continuity devices to commercial resellers and system integrators throughout the country.

"We look forward to working with NetComm Wireless to expand our offerings to resellers who stand to benefit from a highly adaptable range of industrial-grade 3G M2M routers developed to help businesses of all sizes improve efficiencies, increase productivity, save energy and reduce costs," says Justin Tye, Managing Director, Exeed.

The new partnership also supports the rising demand for remote asset management, vehicle tracking, real-time awareness and other wireless M2M applications in areas such as agriculture, farming, retail, utilities and transport.

The believes a diverse variety of industry sectors across New Zealand will benefit from the freedom to develop custom M2M applications using NetComm Wireless' open non-proprietary platform 3G M2M devices with SDK (Software Development Kit).

Businesses that depend on IP-based services such as Point of Sale (PoS); VoIP, M2M and cloud-based systems will also benefit from access to a range of business continuity products designed by NetComm Wireless to keep businesses connected when the network fails due to outages, natural disasters and other threats.

"We see a substantial opportunity in New Zealand as carriers increase their investment in M2M connectivity," adds Danny Morrison, GM of Sales, NetComm Wireless.

"We are also pleased to partner with Exeed to help drive this growth through the delivery of wireless M2M technology that easily integrates with virtually any business, commercial or industrial application."