16 Mar 2010
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Ingram website still 'requires work'

Managing Director, Gary Bigwood, admits that the newly re-launched Ingram website still has issues but says there's a "small army" working to resolve them.

Resellers told The Channel last week that there were still serious issues with Ingram Micro’s new website that needed to be addressed as soon as possible. Further to an email sent out to resellers on March 2nd, Ingram boss Gary Bigwood has again moved to reassure resellers that everything is being done to rectify the problems.

Speaking about the website’s performance, Bigwood said that the new site has proven stable since launch. Resellers have told us that it’s not the performance that’s the problem, it’s how the new site has been integrated with resellers’ own systems.

Bigwood suggested resellers upgrade their web browsers: “Performance does not appear to be an issue now with most users, although the experience can be slow if an older browser version is being used. We are encouraging resellers to upgrade to a current browser for an enhanced experience.”

He continued, “Feedback on the site has come from a very large cross section of resellers. Some has been very positive, with resellers enjoying the search filters that deliver a smaller set of search results without endless scrolling through lists of products. However, there has also been negative feedback received, and we now have a very clear picture of what we need to work on.”

Apparently there are some bugs in the site and a few features are not working as they should. “These have been captured, are being tested and we are working on multiple fixes to remedy these problems and improve the user-experience,” Bigwood added.

“Secondly, there has been just as much feedback on how the site looks, and the user experience. This too has given us a clear plan of attack to deliver to our customers what they require. We had members of the development team collating feedback all last week and they followed up by interviewing a cross section of local resellers to ensure that issues had been captured correctly.

"The results were very consistent from multiple sources. It is unfortunate that the new site was not perfect out of the box. However, the good news is that we know what needs to be done to fix the issues that resellers have raised, and we have a small army working to deliver the required results.”

Bigwood said that the results should be seen in the “coming weeks”.

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